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We operate in the field of personal vaporizers beginning of 2012. Our guideline is the passion for this sector that being born a few years is evolving in terms of both innovation and its satisfaction with the use of performance.

After trying many of person SVAPO systems (PV and renewable atomizers), always looking for better systems in terms of yield and quality of construction, we decided to create our own product line, having as denominator the highest quality materials and the realization in Italy, precisely in Padua.

Starting from the atomizer type genesis (a mesh) "JOKER", we designed and implemented an atomizer entirely made in Italy, from the highest quality materials, the tank of borosilicate glass (Pyrex) * with a thickness of less than 2 millimeters in body and materials made of steel AISI 316 **, the stainless steel screws. The purpose for which we produce our products is their durability and availability in our every spare part from the cup screws.

From the passion for vaping that has now become a hobby we hope you appreciate our products and the range of these eliquid also sought among the best available on the market, a common goal, to keep away from cigarette smoke that between poisons, toxic substances carcinogenic and causes only in Italy 30,000 deaths per year!


* Pyrex - borosilicate glass is a durable material, known for its quality of resistance to thermal shock and its low coefficient of expansion. Born in origin for pharmaceutical uses and for the realization of equipment for the chemical industry. Is resistant to chemicals and has excellent strength and transparency, it also has a high resistance to fire and heat. It used for many cooking vessels, thus ideal for food use and for vaporizers

** AISI 316 - X5CrNiMo1712 or steel is an alloy of the austenitic stainless steel it consists of a chromium content of between 16% and 18%, nickel between 11% and 14% of Molybdenum and between 2% and 3%. It is obtained starting from steel X5CrNiMo1810 with the addition of 2.5% of molybdenum, useful for improving the resistance to electrolytic corrosion from chlorides, suitable also for operating in sea water.

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